Joey Turk


Joey has worked in the investment world for a couple decades with the primary goal always being the success of his clients portfolios.  He recognized early in his career  that a home is the most important decision an investor can make, and he will give you objective and honest advice to help with this impactful decision.  Everything is done in a transparent and engaging factor.

On a personal level, Joey is married to Jaci and the appreciative and blessed father of Izzy, Ellie and Jojo. When not working for his clients in the real estate business, he coaches high school basketball, and invests his time and energy in multiple community organizations.

"For what good is it for a person to gain the whole world yet lose their soul?"

Mark 8:36

About Us



When you put your FOCUS on your customers needs everything comes together.  



Real Estate is a challenging business.  We are FEROCIOUS for our clients and make sure that they have the best representation possible.



Every action we take is to make sure our customer's best interests are being met.  We attempt to be FAIR in all we do.